Constanta Service Capital


Constanta Service Capital is a financial and legal firm that specializes in complex business accompanied by all forms of commerce. It provides a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes. Our company has been established to: provide practical help with organizing and optimizing business processes, develop the appropriate strategy, and properly interact with the legal system of Ukraine.


The specialists of our company have fundamental knowledge in different areas of law and direct experience of legal practice.


"Constanta Service Capital" brings together experts with considerable practical experience along with the protection of its clients and an impeccable professional reputation. Working as a team of qualified professionals, "Constanta Service Capital" has established financial and legal departments that specialize in different areas of legal practice. Attorneys of “Constanta Service Capital "have considerable experience in various legal proceedings in Ukrainian courts of all levels and specializations.


"Constanta Service Capital" works by generally accepted international standards. The main components of success are: flexibility of making decisions, suitability of legal services, strict confidentiality, high quality legal advice (consultation) and an individual approach to every client.